Fee for Duplicate Certificate 1st time is Rs.600/- 2nd time is Rs.1200/- & 3rd time is Rs. 2400/- Fee for Duplicate Fail/Compartment Card 1st time is Rs.400/-& 2nd time is Rs.600/-

Compulsory Information

The candidates who have passed the examination in the year of 1972 & 1973 have to get their application forms attested from school’s Headmaster/Principal and furnish a certificate of date of birth of candidate in plain paper separately which should be counter signed by the Deputy Director of the concerned district.

1. No Person is entitled to apply on behalf of another person . Certificate will be sent by Registered post.

2. Certificate will be issued within two weeks in case the application form is completed in all respect.

3. In the event of loss of original Certificate a candidate may, on making an application to that effect on the prescribed form duly attested by any recognized school and payment of requisite Fee to obtain a Duplicate Certificate by furnishing copy of FIR/DDR from any Police Station, provided that if Certificate has been destroyed under any other circumstances the candidate has to file an affidavit to that effect. It is further provided that if Certificate has been damaged and it has visibility of Roll No., Session and Name of Candidate, the applicant has to surrender his damaged Certificate alongwith application form with requisite Fee. In such cases no need to furnish any Affidavit/FIR or any declaration.

4. Formalities are same as mentioned in Sr. No.3 for obtaining third copy of duplicate certificate.

5. After issuance of 3rd time no duplicate certificate will be issued in any condition.

6. If the certificate is not received within one month the candidate should contact the Section Officer, Duplicate Certificate Branch, H.P. Board of School Education Dharamshala (Phone No. 01892242132). He/she must mention his/her name of examination, Roll No. & Receipt of Fee in the letter, so that necessary action could be taken.

7. It is the responsibility of the candidate to remove the discrepancy intimated by the office once. In this regard no correspondence will be made by the office time and again.

8 .Duplicate certificate showing detail marks shall be issued to a candidate within 10 years from the year of passing the said examination. The candidate applying for issue of duplicate certificate after the stipulated period shall be issued certificate showing the total marks obtained by him in the examination but on demand the duplicate certificate showing detail marks shall be issued subject to availability of Result Sheets.

Remarks: Result sheets of the candidate which have been destroyed / eaten by the white ants and not available, in such types of cases subject wise detail marks certificate will not be issued. Only total marks duplicate certificate will be issued. These rules will be applicable w. e. f. 01.6.1994.

Note: In case the applicant does not complete codal formalities after issuance of letter within three month or send in complete application form to this office, his/her application form will automatically be cancelled and deposited fee will not refunded. No separate information will be provided in this regard.

(For Other State)

Application Form for obtaining duplicate certificate should be attested from the Headmaster/Headmistress/Principal of any Govt. school of Haryana, Rajasthan or Punjab state etc. Where a matter of Private affiliated schools of other states, application should by attested by Headmaster/Principal of affiliated schools. Application form should be countersigned by the concerned District Education Officer. Application form will not be accepted without completing the codal formalities.